Weight Loss Basics: 3 Things You Need For a Transformation

any advice they find – no matter who it comes from.

Most of the time the advice you get never comes from a specialist in this area. We take advice from an article written by a journalist, or from our friends and family.

I remember a funny story from one of my clients in Cyprus not long ago…

Michelle started training with me at my studio. She had always struggled to lose fat from her belly, even though she was relatively slim everywhere else.

I taught her that the reason that fat was sticking to her belly was a hormonal problem caused by too much estrogen and insulin. I put her on one of our specific programs to rebalance her hormones naturally with exercise and healthy eating. Within 4 weeks she’d lose 5 inches from her waist and was much happier.

She then told me that after experiencing these results she saw an old friend. She shared her results with him. His reply was that what she was doing was ineffective and doesn’t work.

Michelle was speechless. She had just told this man the proof of the results she was getting and showed him the measurements. Yet, even the EVIDENCE wouldn’t convince this man otherwise.

Why was he so convinced that her strategy wouldn’t work?

Maybe it was because this man had got his opinion from reading a magazine article from an unreliable source.

One more thing – this man was overweight himself.

Perhaps – Michelle suggested – he was insecure in himself and didn’t like to see someone else getting results when he wasn’t?

The 6-Week Transformation Challenge at Bodyshape is the ONLY place in Romania that has success story after success story proving our program works.

We have an entire page dedicated to success stories that you can see here.

So, please ask yourself – are you like Michelle: finding help and following a plan that is proven to work?

Or are you more like her friend – not seeing the results you want because you haven’t found a strategy with proven results?


#3: Do You Have The Environment for Success?

The most important thing I’ve learned in my experience helping women to transform their bodies is that you need to be in the right environment for change to occur.

Even if you have a personal trainer, and even if you are using a good strategy, if the environment you practice in isn’t correct you’ll still find it extremely hard to get the results you want.

How many times have you gone to a gym and there is no motivational atmosphere that makes you want to move?

Maybe you do a group aerobic class and that’s enjoyable – but how much accountability and group support do you get when you’re NOT in those classes?

Your environment for success cannot be just 2-3 hours per week.

For real transformation you need motivation, support and accountability every step of the way.

That’s why our Bodyshape clients get to chat with their Transformation Coaches before workouts, after the workouts, and also have group support in our private member’s only online club.

Every single day our clients have access to a motivational support group that post delicious & nutritious recipes, share success stories and things they’ve learned and keep each other accountable.

They also get to ask the coaches any questions about nutrition, fitness, exercises or health – any day of the week.

On top of that, we provide our clients with additional learning so they can truly understand how and why they are changing. Many clients tell us they love to learn the psychology of change so they can teach it to their partners, family members or children who are also in great need of help.

And we are happy to do that, because our purpose is to empower our clients, so they can empower their families. Those families can then empower their communities.

So, ask yourself – what if you had access every single day to your own coach? What if you never had to figure out anything? You get your questions answered, and you get additional training from tutorial seminars and videos.

And what if you had a group of supportive, like-minded people all with the same goals as you on your team?

Do you believe that the transformation you want would be easier to happen?


What Are You Currently Doing to Create Transformation in Your Life?

Are you still ‘thinking about’ taking the first step?

If you are, we understand why. It’s hard. You don’t want to get your hopes up. You don’t want to try and fail – again.

If you have taken the first step – does your current plan meet the 3 needs above?

Do you have a personal coach guiding you every step of the way?

Do you have a proven eating plan and exercise program that gets results every time when you follow the simple instructions?

Do you have a positive, motivational and empowering environment where change can really happen for you?

Would you like to have all this?


Now you can.

Our 6-Week Transformation Challenge gives you everything you need to success and finally turn things around.

We help people to lose kilos, drop clothes sizes and learn to finally LOVE themselves and feel great every day.

And the best part – we help you do it- the Whole programme is a present.

In fact, when you reach your goal and complete the 6 week program, we pay for your transformation.


Why Would We PAY For Your Transformation? No Other Place Does That...

We’ve thought out a plan that will benefit us just as much as it helps you.

You see, we don’t want to spend money on expensive billboards and radio adverts – like all those gyms and aerobic classes do.

We believe that the best advertising around comes from YOU – our clients!

And what better marketing than real, undeniable PROOF that our program is the only one in Bucharest that actually lives up to our promise of real results?


So, here’s the deal: During our 6 week challenge, we’ll give you the coaching, the program and the environment to help you lose weight and keep it off, and boost your confidence more than ever – all in a fun place that our clients are calling ‘addictive’.

In return for all our help, we will use your success story to inspire thousands of other women in Bucharest to get started, and grow our business.

That’s a WIN-WIN deal, right?


To find out how you can start the 6-Week Challenge where we pay you to lose weight and transform your life, then register on this page.




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