The first step has been taken! In order to complete the registration of the company you represent in the Top Wellbeing Employer of the Year competition, please fill out the extended form

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Competition Rules and Regulations

This form will describe: 

  • The company’s vision and strategy regarding employee wellbeing 
  • The most important wellbeing programs implemented in the last 12 months 
  • The positive impact within the organization, including monitoring and measurement methods
  • The innovation brought by the organization in these programs The winner of the 2023 edition of the “Top Wellbeing Employer of the Year” competition will have achievements in most or all of these areas.

Please submit the completed registration form with as much detail as possible for all sections by July 17, 2023.

You will be contacted by the organizers to confirm receipt of this entry and compliance with the eligibility criteria.

For any details or questions regarding the Top Wellbeing Employer of the Year 2023, contact the organizers by email at: [email protected]

The organizers are not responsible for incorrect or miscommunicated information. By submitting the completed registration form, you agree to the competition regulations. 


The information you provide will not be shared with other entities for secondary or unrelated purposes to participation in the competition without consent.



Please consider these important points when completing the form:

It’s about recognizing excellence! This is an opportunity for your colleagues or company to receive well-deserved recognition for the numerous achievements in employee wellbeing over the past years. The judges want to know as many relevant details as possible.

Understand the judging criteria and evaluation process! Carefully read the descriptions of the judging categories. The maximum score for each category is 20 points. It’s a balanced scoring system. Keep these aspects in mind when completing the registration form.

Tell a story. Describe the unique image of your company’s achievements in employee wellbeing. Use vivid language and create a captivating narrative. Candidates who have interesting and well-told stories have an advantage over nominees who cannot convey the importance of the impressive goals they have achieved.

Demonstrate the results! Ensure that your achievements are measurable and include specific values, percentages, or statistical data each time.

Write to convince! This is your opportunity to persuade the judges why they should see your company as a potential finalist who can ultimately make it to the podium. Write authentically and persuasively.

Finish the text with care! Poor grammar and misspelled words distract from the quality of the nomination, so make sure to proofread your work. Help the jury members better understand you and your work by effectively explaining what your company does in a simple manner. Avoid acronyms and company jargon.

Respect the nomination deadline! July 17, 2023, at 6:00 PM.


May 17 -
July 17, 2023

Application submission

July 18 -
September 18, 2023

Interviews with representatives of the participating companies

September 18 -
October 18, 2023

Evaluation of the applicant companies

To be announced

Announcement of finalists/ Gala Event

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